The History of NOVAR CF part 1
Novar Christian Fellowship was founded in 1894
The following brief history was written by Mr. Harold Heath in 1964.
In 1894, New Eltham was a small, quiet hamlet lying snugly between the villages of Royal Eltham and Sidcup. There were no cars or buses in those days! All around were lovely fields, farms and hedgerows. Yet there was considerable poverty no Health service etc. at that time.

Archive Picture 1 It was in such conditions that Mr Wilson Heath held open air meetings and undertook tract distribution in the area, often with much opposition; but there was also interest shown which resulted in simple services being commenced in a room over the Chemist's shop at the corner of Reventlow Road, where shops were beginning to be built.
When two shops were to be built in Novar Road, Mr Heath arranged for number 6 to be rented to him, and adapted for use as an Evangelical Centre. Later, he purchased the freehold so that a Spiritual witness might be definitely established.

Miss Tester The 'work' then, was mainly among women and children, with a Sunday evening Evangelistic service. There were also such 'amenities' as a Blanket club, Soup Kitchen, and the dispensing of Homeopathic Medicines by the Bible Visitor who lived on the premises.
The whole district gradually changed - the lovely fields disappeared, new roads were made, new houses built, new people arrived; also, an influx of motor traffic came along - and so it was that the character of the work, at Novar Hall also changed.

Archive Picture 6In 1916, the first Sunday morning service was held. Later, as the Sunday School Increased, the 'Infants' as they were called, met in the Hall. The Young Women's Bible Class met in the first floor front room, and the main School at Pope Street LCC School (now Wyborne).